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Access our specialised services directly, without the need for a GP referral, simplifying your path to better ear health.

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For those unable to visit our clinic, we offer convenient home visits, bringing our expert ear care services right to your doorstep.


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Ear Suction Clinic stands as Perth's premier choice for those seeking a safer, gentler, and more effective solution to problematic ear wax.

We offer an alternative that prioritises your comfort and health, ensuring you no longer have to endure the discomfort of blocked ears or the inconvenience of multiple GP visits.

Our specially trained Microsuction Clinicians have undergone the very best nationally accredited training for safe wax removal developed in collaboration with ENTs and the Institute of Health and Nursing Australia(IHNA) to ensure your next wax removal experience will be both safe and comfortable.

No GP referrals needed

Cleans ears in minutes

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