Standard rate

Our rates range based on whether your appointment is with our Specialist Registered Nurses or Clinical Audiologist. Enjoy a $20 discount with a standard GP/Audiologist referral, or save $56 with a Medicare rebate if preferred by a GP for a chronic health condition that includes Audiology in the GP Management Plan.

Concession Card Holders

With a valid concession card, your rate will be between $110 and $120. This applies to children aged 12 to 18 as well. The same discounts apply as above for referrals and Medicare rebates.

Pensioner and DVA Card Holders

If you’re a Pensioner or hold a DVA Gold or DVA White (hearing-specific) card, our service may cost between $60-$70, conditions pending. Please call us to see if you qualify for these special rates.

Children Under 12

For our youngest patients under 12, the rate is set at $150, with the same opportunities for discounts with referrals and Medicare rebates.

No Wax Found Fee

Even if no wax is found, our appointment fee applies. To avoid disappointment, we recommend checking for wax presence before booking. 

Nursing Home Visits