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Medical and Aural Health History




Softening the Ear Wax


Ear Wax Removal using Microsuction Technology

STEP 4a:

Ear Wax Removal using other techniques


Individualised Aural Care Plan


Feel Great!

Why choose Micro-Suction?

Micro-suction ear wax removal is recognised as one of the safest, most effective methods for clearing ear canals of wax and debris.

At Ear Suction Clinic, our fully trained practitioners utilise this technique not just for its efficiency but for the comfort it offers our patients.

Unlike traditional methods that may rely solely on the physical removal of wax, our process includes prepatory steps to ensure a comprehensive clean.

This attention to detail and care sets us apart, ensuring that our patients leave with a smile, experiencing the relief and clarity they deserve.   

Experience the Ear Suction Clinic Difference

At Ear Suction Clinic, we’re not just about removing ear wax; we’re about providing a holistic ear care experience that prioritises your health and comfort.

Our specialised micro-suction technique, combined with our comprehensive care approach, ensures that every visit is as pleasant as it is effective.

Trust your ears to Perth’s most experienced specialists to feel and hear the relief. 

Our Six-Step Process for Micro-Suction Ear Wax Removal

Upon your arrival, comfort meets technology in our adjustable chairs, setting the stage for a tailored treatment experience. Our Ear Suctioneer will review your ear health and medical history to customise the procedure.

With no contradictions present, we proceed with a thorough examination of your ear canal, employing specialised equipment to plan the most effective wax removal strategy.

A key differentiator in our approach is the softening of ear wax using natural, hypoallergenic olive oil, enhancing the micro-suction process. For tougher cases, a blend of peroxide and olive oil is applied under close observation.

The core of our services, this step involves the gentle suctioning of softened wax, meticulously performed by our clinician to ensure complete removal with minimal discomfort.

Should any stubborn wax remain, micro-forceps may be employed as a supplementary technique, guaranteeing a thorough clean.

Post-procedure, we engage in a discussion on maintaining optimal ear health, providing you with personalised advice, educational materials, and a complimentary bottle of olive oil for home care.