Micro-suction is a modern, safe, and gentle technique for earwax removal, using precise suction without water, reducing discomfort and infection risk.

Our standard rate is $130, but with a GP or audiologist referral, it's $110. Concession rates are $110, or $90 with a referral. Services for children under 12 are $150, due to the extra care required.

No referral is needed to book with us, though having one can lower the cost.

Most find it comfortable and pain-free. Pre-treatment with olive oil can ease any minor discomfort from impacted ear wax.

Easily book through our online system or call us at 1300 380 060. We often offer same-day appointments.

Micro-suction earwax removal isn't covered by Medicare, but some insurers may offer a rebate. Check with your provider for details.

Softening your earwax with pharmacy-grade olive oil for a few days before your visit can help ensure a smoother procedure.

Please give us at least 24 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee. Late cancellations or no-shows may be charged.

You'll likely feel immediate relief of symptoms like hearing loss or discomfort. We'll give you aftercare advice to keep your ears healthy.

This varies per individual. Many benefit from an annual visit, but some may need more frequent care. We'll create a care plan just for you.